An allusion to the sport of rowing and the phenomenon of a crew working in a harmony which transcends the sum of its parts, Swing Ventures is a mission-driven venture capital fund which seeks to recreate that synergy in the pursuit of exceptional investment opportunities.

To make good on the promise of our name, we stand behind every investment—helping with all aspects of growth, including communications and marketing, recruiting, product strategy, financial modeling, partnership development, and future capital campaigns.

Founder First

We invest in people who inspire us, and we believe in the importance of their vision. It’s why we empower portfolio companies to execute the clearest embodiment of their strategy—granting wide deference to what they see as the best way forward.

Growth Strategy

We’re industry agnostic, and maintain relationships across an array of disciplines ranging from traditional financial partners, to chemists and creative directors. We make a point of understanding the unique aspects of each company’s sales cycle, enabling us to introduce early customers and strategic partners, capturing growth opportunities as they arise.

Talent Sourcing

Early-stage companies face few decisions as critical as when and whom to hire. It’s why we’re constantly working to grow our network and create a recruiting engine which can be tapped to ensure that the portfolio has access to the best possible talent at the right moment.

Real Mentorship

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the extraordinary challenge and complexity of building something from nothing. We see the people behind the numbers, and pride ourselves on caring as much about the personal growth of company leadership as about the company itself.